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  1. P

    Install and Review of Warm Majic II / Northstar ZC Fireplace

    Last fall I built an addition on our home and decided on the Warm Majic II fireplace, which is the same as the Northstar and the quadfire pioneer II. Some great info on this site helped me determine sizing the fireplace chase and some of the other smaller less talked about details. Overall...
  2. R

    Need Honeywell Comfort Control Valve Remote Control RT8220A For Vermont Castings Fireplace

    I have an older model VC stove (DV580). This stove uses Honeywell Comfort Control valve system that was discontinued. I found some older threads about this issue on this forum. This stove uses the RT8220A remote control. I have attached a photo of it. It cannot be operated by a universal remote...
  3. M

    I can't find ANY information on this vintage Majestic fireplace!

    I recently acquired a vintage Majestic wood, free standing(or MALM) fireplace and I can't for the life of me find any info in it. It is has a multi-model tag on the back, and I actually searched each of the models and not much could be found. The most info I can find is an illegible ad or...
  4. T

    Majestic L42BR - Is the corner pole carrying any sort of load?

    Doing a cosmetic remodel of my Majestic L42BR gas fireplace and was wondering if the pole that sits in the corner of the firebox is there for design purposes or is carrying a load? The pole spins freely but does seem attached at top and bottom. It would be nice to remove it for aesthetic...
  5. S

    Majestic top vent pipe failure?

    Hi there, I moved into a new house last October and inherited a Majestic 36LDVT top vent gas fireplace in our basement. We've been using it for the past couple of months without any issues but last week we heard a bang while it was being used so we stopped using it and turned off the gas. It...
  6. O

    Wood Burning Insert Newbie Safety Advice, Help, & Discussion

    Hello All, This is my first post, I came here for some help after reading a ton of various inputs on this forum (such great information!). Anyway, I grew up in a home that was partially heated by wood heat and have loved and missed it for more than two decades. I recently moved into my first...
  7. D

    Majestic MS-1 Upright Wood Stove

    i have acquired an old 1987-1988 Majestic MS-1 Upright Wood Burning Stove. I have email, called and posted to manufacturers and have been unsuccessful in acquiring information or paperwork on this stove. Anyone out there you can help me out. I know it is a Jotul Combifire #4 clone. Thanks in...
  8. W

    Majestic L36 Fireplace Replacement Help

    Hello, I'm a fireplace renovation newbie and could use some advice. I have a Majestic Thulman Model No. L36A wood fireplace in my living room. I am currently renovating the living room so the fireplace is nicely exposed (no drywall, no finish floor). I figure this is the time to replace it...
  9. F

    Blower power intermittent, Majestic DV580 w/ Honeywell rf control valve

    We have a 17 year old Majestic/Vermont Casting DV580 propane fireplace with a Honeywell rf control valve. We have flame and no issues with the fireplace flame working or with gas flow, so now our concern is that there is something wrong with the control valve as the blower does plug into that...
  10. M

    Majestic - Not producing much heat

    Hi All, This is our second winter in our new home. The Majestic gas (propane) fireplace came with the place. We thought it was functioning normally until visiting a friends house. Our unit's heat output is but a small fraction of theirs. The units are the same BTU, and from what I've...
  11. I

    Identifying the Make/Model of this Freestanding Fireplace

    Hi All! I just picked up this awesome mid-century freestanding fireplace and am trying to learn which company made it. It doesn't have the same shape as the typical Preway, and it has legs that seem closer to what was offered by Majestic, though it doesn't have the screen type that most...
  12. earthbelowus

    Can I just cover up Prefab Majestic ZC Fireplace with heat shield, then put wood stove in front?

    HI all, We just moved in to our new house, and we're ready to convert our zero clearance wood burning fireplace insert to a nice radiant soapstone wood stove. I'd really like to avoid removing the insert, because from what I can find online, that's a HUGE project that could involve ripping...
  13. W

    Best high end DV traditional fireplace

    Trying to decide on a large louverless traditional DV NG full view fireplace. Heat is secondary to realism and features (California). I'm not seriously concerned about the price as I'm doing it once and living with it for the rest of my life, although I don't want to pay more for no reason...
  14. N

    Majestic L36B capable of gas insert?

    Hello, We have a zero-clearance fireplace purchased in 1976 that we want to have converted to direct-vent gas. One show place cautioned us that not all old fireplaces are able to be converted. Is there a list somewhere or what determines if ours is sufficient for the project at hand. Thanks!