I can't find ANY information on this vintage Majestic fireplace!

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Apr 20, 2022
I recently acquired a vintage Majestic wood, free standing(or MALM) fireplace and I can't for the life of me find any info in it. It is has a multi-model tag on the back, and I actually searched each of the models and not much could be found. The most info I can find is an illegible ad or pamphlet and a TOTAL of 2 pictures of this model on the entire web! The manufacturer site doesn't have install or owners info on models this old ;lol. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Someone in the past used an electric faux log setup, but it's for wood. And it is in extremely good shape, I can't see any sign of anything ever being burnt in it!

fp2.jpg fp.jpg 20220420_203206.jpg
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Did you ever find any information on this fireplace? I just got one that looks just like it except it is a free standing corner model. Same sticker as yours is on it. I haven't found anything yet.