Majestic fireplace identification and advice.

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Jim Kneys

New Member
Nov 25, 2023
Hello all,
I'm new to the whole wood stove and fireplace world. We have a small rural home with no fireplace. We would like to supplement our gas heat with a free standing fireplace. Someone local was selling a Majestic fireplace that they just removed from a 1980ish house. It is a corner unit but I can only find one sticker on it that just lists various models. I am attaching pics of the fireplace and the sticker. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Majestic fireplace identification and advice. Majestic fireplace identification and advice.
Since nobody answered, unfortunately I have no info. But—fireplaces really don’t heat a home unless the home is very small. A fireplace might heat a room well, but will likely draft so much air out the chimney, and heat so inefficiently, that more cold air will be drafted into the house than the fireplace can heat. Also there could be safety issues from a free standing fireplace that was ripped outta a 1980s house. If you really wanna heat, go with a modern free standing wood stove. Beautiful flames and ambiance, and a ton of heat!
I’ll second that. I can’t speak for that model, but in general, fireplaces are for show and ambiance. That why you always see pictures of folks sitting on the hearth of an open fireplace wearing turtlenecks and cardigans.