1. P

    Help! Stove identification?

    I need help identifying this stove please. Its a BRUNCO, my guess is late 90s maybe. Serial number plate is missing and I need to find a new fan for this thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. K

    weird burning plastic smell

    Hello! I'm having a little problem with my stove. Maybe you guys can help me. It sometimes has burning plastic smoke smell and I can't figure out from where it's coming from. There is no visible smoke coming from it. I'm burning softwoods and some hard woods I connected it myself, so could it be...
  3. M

    High Valley 2500 wood burning stove has me worried...

    Hello, I am hoping someone on here can help me with some experience / advice on a catalytic wood insert. I have this High Valley model 2500 insert that I acquired with a home purchase. I have no history on it and have not burned in it yet. FYI, I have no experience with a catalytic wood stove...
  4. K

    See-Through Wood Fireplace

    Hello! My husband and I are planning a house. I drew it myself, so we’re not working with a preset plan. I designed a see-through fireplace that separates the living and dining rooms. Of course you can put whatever parameters you want into a system, finding something that actually exists is a...
  5. J

    Wood Fireplace Compatibility

    Hello, this is my first post to this forum and I am very new (learning lots) to the fireplace arena. We are trying to find out if there is a wood burning fireplace compatible with our Class A chimney. A little background, we purchased our 1977 walk out ranch 8 years ago and at the time there...
  6. R

    Type of wood!?!?

    Can you all tell me what this type of wood is and what those black bubbles are?
  7. R

    Red oak?

    Hey all. I posted pictures of my 1/4 cord of wood the other day to verify that it was Red Oak (I am not knowledgeable so I had to place a bit of trust in the guy delivering it). I had very helpful replies and most of them said they needed closer pictures of the wood. I noticed when taking these...
  8. R

    Is this Red Oak?

    Hi all! I’m new to the forum. I have recently bought myself a Santa Maria style bbq and plan to use Red Oak which is tradition in the area (plus it makes thick cuts taste phenomenal). I had this 1/4 cord of wood delivered to my house today and simply wanted to verify that it is in fact Red Oak...
  9. fowlerrudi

    My Hot Tub Hookup Experience - Glycol Loop

    I thought I would share my hot tub hookup just for into for those who may be googling this and need some info like I did. I have an Eko 40 Boiler with 1000 gallons of storage - coupled with a Vesta System from nofossil. We acquired a free hot tub that was only a few years old and had either a...
  10. C

    Wood pellet A1 Royal, Din plus one big bag, min 24t

    We confirm we can supply you with Quality Ecological wood pellets with below specification Diameter:6-8mm Length 10 à 30 mm Ash< content:0.50 Caloric value:4500-5000 Kcal/kg Density 1100kg/m3 Packing:15 kg Supply Ability:10x40ft/month Packing 950-1000 kg (1MT) bags or 15 kg bags...
  11. cbscout

    Increasing Wood Burn Times

    Hi, I've been burning in my new PE Alderlea T5 Classic insert for about a month now. It's a 2.2 cu. foot firebox. I am supposed to get pretty good burn times, manufacturer specs up to 8 hours, although I know that's not realistic, install company said expect 6 hours. However, I'm getting 4 to 5...
  12. cbscout

    Ash Burn Rate

    Hi, I just put in my new PE insert and ordered 6 face cord of ash. It's below 20% moisture content and I brought a few armfuls home prior to his delivery. Burns great, nice and hot. I have been continuing to try to find more wood, with decent seasoning. Just wondered, how fast does ash burn in...
  13. B

    Wood or Coal?

    I've recently purchased and installed a Heatmor 100CB for my home. This model claims to be a coal boiler, but the dealer I purchased from said most people just burn wood in it. To burn coal, you buy shaker grates and then you can use coal. This will be used to heat my 2200 sq ft home. My...
  14. N

    New to the sport- terracotta questions

    I have read both a ton of info about some using liners, and some not. Not the question, as we willing be using a stainless liner. We have a terracotta lined fireplace in the basement that is enormous, and we want to add a freestanding wood stove. We had the chimney inspected, and is in good...
  15. J

    How to remove double wall chimney pipe

    Hi all, our stove pipe runs single wall downstairs, then switches to double wall in the bedroom. I believe the double wall section in the bedroom has a leak. I can see creosote stains on a joint. How do I remove the stove pipe sections so that I can take a look. Do I just pull the locking rings...
  16. P

    Oak? Need Help Identifying Wood Type

    Hi all! New to the forum but I’ve been burning wood, bucking and splitting for about a year since I moved into my grandmother’s home to caretake it for her. Many gorgeous trees on the property: Maples (different varieties), glorious Oaks, Dogwood, Mulberry...on 2 acres of property- needless to...
  17. L

    Replacing Fireplace with insert

    I live in a 1920's house, two stories and a walkout basement. We love our fireplace but we have to either get a wood stove insert or a gas fireplace because the flu has to be fixed, and the diameter of the chimney will be too small for us to be able to make fires that are not all smoke after the...
  18. S

    Help identify my maul

    Hey just wondering if someone could help identify my maul. Picked it up used seems like old steel but the guy didn’t know what it was. It’s heavy and tears up wood but wondering if anyone knew what it was.
  19. F

    Converting Wood to Gas/Heat & Glo Recommendations

    We are looking at converting our wood burning fireplace over to gas. We have looked at the direct vent gas inserts and fireplaces by Heat & Glo. What would be the better way to go, Heat & Glo Direct Vent Gas Inserts or the Heat and Glo Direct Vent 6000CLX?
  20. M

    Furnaces that burn wood and coal.

    Hello, this is my first post on here. But anyway on to my question. Is there available a modern wood and coal burning furnace that will burn wood and coal without doing any kind of modifications. I'm not looking to burn both at the same time but would like to switch between the two quickly and...
  21. E

    Virginia Burners... is this a good price for wood?

    hey guys, I know the prices of wood vary by region, but I live in the richmond, va area so anyone with knowledge near these parts please chime in. I have a guy who will sell two cords of “95% oak” in either splits or slabs delivered. Slab-$180 Split-$275 What do ya think? Ps I’d be willing...
  22. E

    Need wood to burn... would you buy this?

    Hey Guys, I'm rather new to wood burning and am having my Insert and SS liner installed tomorrow. I have about a cord of mostly oak that I bought from a local back in Dec. but it's definitely a mixed bag as far as how seasoned it is and most pieces read 20-30% after splitting and reading with...
  23. CodyR4

    Installing through the wall.

    Hi, I have decided to install my wood stove through the wall due to fear of asbestos being in my ceiling, my house is old af. So a couple questions I will provide pictures, does my stove already have a heat shield? Can I go through the wall DIRECTLY beside the window? If my wood stove does have...
  24. K

    Caddy wood add-on furnace help

    Hey all, We just bought a house in a colder climate and the heating system is a gas furnace with a Caddy add-on wood burning furnace. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff so was hoping y'all could assist me in getting this running properly. I've started fires the past three days...
  25. A

    hoarding piles up good value?

    When is hoarding supplies a real problem?
  26. K

    Englander 28-3500 How much wood do you load?

    I am fairly new to the Englander 28-3500. As in, been running it for a few days since the install! I have it piped into new two ducts (one in dining room and one in living room) just to heat the downstairs of my house. I am fairly certain I have the dampers and cold start worked out. I've been...
  27. C

    Small wood stove choices

    My husband and I just built a cabin in north central Wisconsin. About 950 sq. ft. Ranch style on a slab, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and the living room and kitchen are one big room that takes up the front half of the cabin. We are in need of a wood stove. It will be placed in the center of our...
  28. E

    Indentity Help

    Hello all, I'm new and am in desperate need to find out what this stove's model number may be. The UL plate has been severely damaged. Another wonderful member recommended trying to do an etching but that wouldn't work with how severely scratched it is. Would anyone have any information? I...
  29. D

    convert an old gas furnace heat exchanger in to wood heat exchanger

    So i was wondering if i used a old furnace to create a wood stove. starting with the heat exchange. so my gas heat exchange looks some thing like the picture. if i had make a wood stove and the flames are hitting the back fins and i pump air in the hole on the front would i have any problems...
  30. N

    Purchasing Help Please

    I'm having a really hard time deciding which wood stove to buy. I am replacing an old insert with a free standing unit. It needs to have a rear facing flue, and fit within 28 1/2ish high X 35 wide. I have looked at the Vermont Castings Encore Flexburn but decided against it due to some things I...