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  1. F

    Cut Offs? Picture Included

    Fellow Woodburners, What say ye about burning dimension cut offs? Seller claims untreated. It would go in a BK Ashford 25, catalytic. Picture here. Thanks!
  2. J

    Building heat exchanger insert

    Hello, this is my first post. Found this forum while searching around for advice on how air flows around the house and how inserts work etc. I have two main questions at this time. A little background. I like to build things as that's what I do. And Inserts are crazy expensive, so I built...
  3. M

    Convert propane to wood burning fireplace- pics and questions

    The fireplace in this house was hooked up with propane when we bought it. Would like to switch to wood. I can remove the gas line no problem, but noticed some things I dont have answers for. The chimney here has 3 ports that go to the main chimney top. In basement, is a boiler(1st connected to...
  4. P

    Need help identify wood stove

    This wood stove came in the house I just bought. Have not been able to locate any information. I’ve look inside under and all sides not data label. Can anyone identify this? The house was built in 1977.
  5. A

    Request for help identifying and value

    Hi, I am new to this forum, so thank you first of all for clicking into my post and giving your time. My parents have a very old regency freestanding wood stove and the back labelled 1985 July and the house was built in the 50's Could anyone help me to identify the model of this regency stove...
  6. D

    Schrader fireplace info

    I was given a Schrader fireplace wood stove that I plan on using in my garage so it will only be used occasionally. Any info is appreciated. I noticed mine does not have the round knobs on the 2 doors but instead has one metal lever on the left door I’m assuming to adjust airflow. Also there’s a...
  7. W

    Wood ID help

    I recovered quite a few of these boards from pallets. It’s very light in weight. Soft wood I’m assuming. It’s really pretty once planed and sanded. Lots of pores it soaks up resin or any kind of varnish. I’m trying my hardest to figure out what it is with no luck.
  8. F

    Looking for a Double SidedWood Burning fireplace

    In the process of building a house. I want a stove for efficiency, but wife won't hear of it. The design of the house would allow for a double sided fireplace, but all the reading I've done on that says it's a bad idea from efficiency and smell purposes. So, looking at an insert, and ideally a...
  9. H

    Chemical condensation on our windows... Kind of worried

    Hi there! This is my first post on the forum, glad to have discoverd it! So we moved into a rental house, our living room has an insert wood stove. It's an old Deville. After having some work with gasket tape it's still a bit leaky from the door, but it gives of good heath now. A blessing to...
  10. B

    Need Help Identifying These South Texas Tree Stumps Please

    We live in San Antonio TX and recently had the tree in our backyard cut down and was wanting to sell the stumps but would like to know what we have here. I'm new so I hope I'm following the guidelines Please let me know if you have any suggestions! God Bless!
  11. Chill in Northern VT

    Stove Noises

    Hi All: So my new US steel woodstove is burning great. I love being able to heat up the house so much quicker. However now that I’m on about my 10th burn, when I get up to temp (380-400) I’m getting a “tink, tink, tink” noise that sounds like it is coming from The stove (not the flue pipe)...
  12. M

    I can't find ANY information on this vintage Majestic fireplace!

    I recently acquired a vintage Majestic wood, free standing(or MALM) fireplace and I can't for the life of me find any info in it. It is has a multi-model tag on the back, and I actually searched each of the models and not much could be found. The most info I can find is an illegible ad or...
  13. P

    Wood stove ceiling clearance with stove tucked halfway in alcove

    Hello all, First off this community is amazing. I have been reading threads and researching for our new stove for the past month and this website has by far bee nthe greatest resource. Every night when I get on this forum I crumble up my design paper and throw it away and realize that my...
  14. Slocketman

    Orange Gold

    Waited way too long to pick up some more wood, but I stumbled upon a full cord of Osage Orange gold for not much more than regular mixed hardwood! Feeling very fortunate today, my family will enjoy quite a few very warm, long fires with this.
  15. J

    Does anyone know where the "Room Air Cover" is located on the Alderlea T5 LE?

    Hi Folks! We're in a 200 year old farmhouse owned by my parents. Last year they had to replace the old Vermont Castings stove in the farmhouse and they went with the Pacific Coast Alderlea T5 LE. We've since moved into the farmhouse to be closer to them as they age, and we've been having some...
  16. C

    Looking for a smallish wood stove for fireplace

    Hi. I would like to have a small wood stove in my 3 season porch's fireplace. I'm looking for something small, but with a glass front to see some flames. My Fireplace dimensions: Front 31 Rear 24 (roughly) Height 25.25 Depth 15 The smallest I've seen lately is the Tractor Supply Defender...
  17. A

    Asbestos in STACK Vista 640 gasket

    Hello everyone. This Is my first thread. I write you from Italy. In a Mountain house I found a STACK VISTA 640 heater and i soldi likes ti know if the two gaskets are made of asbestos. The color Is White (look at attached photo). I bought this heater at early 1990'. I Hope sincerly you can...
  18. ncherro

    Smoky fireplace

    I recently purchased a home in upstate NY built around 1975 that has a large masonry fireplace. I had the chimney inspected shortly after closing - the inspector swept the chimney and confirmed that everything looked good. Since then, I've had about 5 fires with kiln-dried hardwood and each...
  19. K

    Need help deciding which fireplace to install Seguin vs. Piazzetta?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I'm hoping you can help me decide what fireplace to put in my house. I wanted something modern and where I can see the fire from all angles, after consulting many retailers I'm torn between two options: 1) The first is an Italian brand called...
  20. N

    VC 1977 Vigilant Misc Part Identification

    just purchased a house with a Vermont castings 1977 stamped vigilant wood burning stove. From what I can tell its in working order. Previous owner used it. Seals seam to be good (dollar test), no seam leaks i can find. I do see a small gap between the flue and collar that connects the pipe to...
  21. M

    Help with indoor wood furnace

    I am wanting to install an indoor wood furnace into my basement. My chimney has a thimble at the first floor where I have a wood stove, the thimble in the basement currently has a oil furnace connected to it. The heat exchanger recently cracked on the oil furnace so I am wanting to put a wood...
  22. O

    '07 Quadrafire 7100zc-worth buying?

    Hey all, My family is in need of a zero clearance wood stove. We cant afford new, but we came across this used 2007 quadrafire 7100 zc. I've talked to the seller who says it's in good shape with a few cosmetic issues. I've seen pictures. They are asking $1000 OBO. Considering this is a 13 year...
  23. P

    Help! Stove identification?

    I need help identifying this stove please. Its a BRUNCO, my guess is late 90s maybe. Serial number plate is missing and I need to find a new fan for this thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. K

    weird burning plastic smell

    Hello! I'm having a little problem with my stove. Maybe you guys can help me. It sometimes has burning plastic smoke smell and I can't figure out from where it's coming from. There is no visible smoke coming from it. I'm burning softwoods and some hard woods I connected it myself, so could it be...
  25. T

    High Valley 2500 wood burning stove has me worried...

    Hello, I am hoping someone on here can help me with some experience / advice on a catalytic wood insert. I have this High Valley model 2500 insert that I acquired with a home purchase. I have no history on it and have not burned in it yet. FYI, I have no experience with a catalytic wood stove...
  26. K

    See-Through Wood Fireplace

    Hello! My husband and I are planning a house. I drew it myself, so we’re not working with a preset plan. I designed a see-through fireplace that separates the living and dining rooms. Of course you can put whatever parameters you want into a system, finding something that actually exists is a...
  27. J

    Wood Fireplace Compatibility

    Hello, this is my first post to this forum and I am very new (learning lots) to the fireplace arena. We are trying to find out if there is a wood burning fireplace compatible with our Class A chimney. A little background, we purchased our 1977 walk out ranch 8 years ago and at the time there...
  28. R

    Type of wood!?!?

    Can you all tell me what this type of wood is and what those black bubbles are?
  29. R

    Red oak?

    Hey all. I posted pictures of my 1/4 cord of wood the other day to verify that it was Red Oak (I am not knowledgeable so I had to place a bit of trust in the guy delivering it). I had very helpful replies and most of them said they needed closer pictures of the wood. I noticed when taking these...
  30. R

    Is this Red Oak?

    Hi all! I’m new to the forum. I have recently bought myself a Santa Maria style bbq and plan to use Red Oak which is tradition in the area (plus it makes thick cuts taste phenomenal). I had this 1/4 cord of wood delivered to my house today and simply wanted to verify that it is in fact Red Oak...