Convert propane to wood burning fireplace- pics and questions

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New Member
Nov 19, 2023
Pylesville, Maryland
The fireplace in this house was hooked up with propane when we bought it. Would like to switch to wood. I can remove the gas line no problem, but noticed some things I dont have answers for. The chimney here has 3 ports that go to the main chimney top. In basement, is a boiler(1st connected to chimney), in basement is also another unused pipe for a wood stove etc (unused 2nd connected to chimney), and on main floor the fireplace. See pics 1268,1265 shows basement area and ash cleanout at bottom behind water heater

The insert is steel and the brickhearth was apparently built around the steel insert as it cannot be removed without removal of the bricks on face… it looks to be in lntact except the poorly sealed gaps between it and the brick (see photos). For the gaps larger than 1/2” like the floor there is about 1” x 1/2” areas need to be filled in. Which type of mortar would I use? Seems like most say no more than 1/2” wide gaps.

I have this cover on base for the assumed ash cleanout, is this top cover sufficient for wood burning or do I need anything else? Im assuming since there was an ash cleanout in basement for the fireplace that it is build to handle wood burning.

And with insert being steel and non removable, is there any issue with wood burning?

Any other things I need to look into for converting this over? Thanks any advice.

Bonus- there are 4 vents on outside of fireplace front I assume this is to help heat come out into the room when burning a fire correct?

IMG_1268.jpeg IMG_1265.jpeg IMG_1262.jpeg IMG_1264.jpeg IMG_1259.jpeg IMG_1256.jpeg IMG_1255.jpeg IMG_1254.jpeg


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Looks like a heatform style fireplace which was designed for wood. Get all vestiges of the gas system removed and the chimney checked for integrity before burning.