1. N

    Propane and Pellet Stove

    I just bought a house. The house has pellet stove and propane forced hot air heat. I am trying to balance the two. Right now I have my propane heat set at 60 and run the pellet stove in the morning or night when the temperature dips. Does anyone have experience with supplementing propane or is...
  2. Y

    Plumb fittings for backup small propane cylinders

    Howdy. I have a 500 gallon tank in my yard but sometimes I get empty due to my road conditions in winter and have to wait a few days until road is cleaned up. I want to be able to connect a 20 or 30lb tank into my house line strictly to run my LP gas water heater and maybe the LP kitchen...
  3. C

    Jotul sparks, doesn't light pilot

    Like my thread says, my free standing GF370DV igniter will spark and not light. Yesterday I turned it on and off 6 times and the pilot never lit. I took the glass off, put a wire in the pilot 'gas ports' , put the glass back and it lit. When running it always lights and runs fine. Today, same...
  4. K

    Propane Fireplace decisions Astria, Montigo, Mendota, others??

    We are doing a renovation and have been looking at fireplaces to choose from. We are getting very over whelmed with all the brands out there. We only have two local dealers in our city, which provide limited choices of fireplaces, T&C, Montigo, Napoleon, Enviro, and Astria. Since our house...
  5. E

    Small propane heater for greenhouse

    Hello, I have a greenhouse which is attached to my garage. The greenhouse is 24' x 16' and its insulation is quite high (R38 walls, double-glazed poly, etc.). During winter time, as we are located in Quebec, Canada, it's getting pretty chilly in there. We only want to maintain the temperature...
  6. MissMac

    Question about HRV system

    Hey all, I’ve got a question for the very knowledgeable group about my current HRV set-up. A little bit of background first might be helpful: I have a propane furnace forced air set-up, an HRV system that is looped into the furnace duct work, and a wood stove. I try to keep the stove going...
  7. Jotel me this

    Propane run radiant heat... run with no flame?

    I have radiant heating in the concrete slab in my garage. i dont need to keep the garage heated this year. to save on propane costs, and to avoid the water in the pipes from freezing in the PEX, would running the loop in the garage, but without heating the water.... stop the water from freezing...
  8. R

    Mystery stove

    Does anyone know who makes this propane stove? It came with the house and I am trying to open the glass to clean and rearrange the logs. Thanks for looking.
  9. nhtreehouse

    Wood Framing Between Tank and Foam Insulation?

    Hi All, I've been lurking around for a while, and am working on installing a wood/pellet boiler system in an outbuilding. It's all coming along quite well, and I'll post an install thread once I get it up and running. I've converted a propane tank and have insulated between the tank and the...
  10. D

    Silica sand for fire pit

    i have a fire pit from restoration hardware that uses propane. I can't find an air mixer to fit and I have clear glass sand on top which is burning because of the soot. If I put sand under the glass will it still have enough air to have flame but not burn the glass?
  11. P

    Question about filling 500 gal propane tank

    The propane truck comes by 2-3 times a year and fills my 500 gal tank. It is interesting that it always takes a multiple of 25 gallons. Sometimes 75, sometimes 125, and other times 150 gallons. Today it was 100. In the 6 or 7 times it has been filled, it always comes out to a multiple of 25. Is...
  12. S

    Cost of Regency u32 propane gas insert

    I'm curious if anyone would be willing to share what they paid for their Regency u32 insert with propane, and installation. We were originally thinking about going wood fireplace insert with the Regency CI2600, but now i'm starting to lean towards a gas insert and i'm curious what the price...
  13. H

    Antique gas cookstove (Glenwood Duplex) with an oven problem

    My problem is with an 82-year-old Glenwood Duplex, a great old hunk of cast iron, which ran for years on natural gas and has been converted to propane. The top burners are OK. The oven has two speeds: high when it's working to reach temperature and low when it's just maintaining temp. At high...
  14. poconoman

    Superior DR500-CMP problem.

    Hello, I have the DR 500CMP propane fireplace. The pilot is fine but when I turn the gas valve to full burn, it struggles to go all the way around the burner. In fact, it retreats back towards the pilot and suffocating it. Any idea? Thank you
  15. S

    hearthstone II G and Gemini System

    I have a hearthstone II G and a Hearthstone II gemini system that were given to me by a friend. I cant Find any info on the gemini system anywhere. My friend was told that these are no longer legal to use. what I can figure out is that the woodstove is a regular old woodstove and the gemini...
  16. C

    Correctly Sizing Chimney Liner for Propane Furnace Exhaust

    I upgraded to a newer high-efficiency furnace (not over 90%) which exhausts into my existing chimney. Last winter I had moisture weeping thru the chimney block. In researching the issue, I need a liner to stop this issue. So my question is: How big a diameter liner do I need? I currently...