Empire VFXIP24P Propane Fireplace not flaming. Inlet 0 psi. Outlet 0.369 psi

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Nov 28, 2021
Hi, I recently got my plumber to install an additional 8 ft of propane gas line to a new gas stove. I noticed after that my fireplace stopped working. The fireplace manometer inlet reading is 0 and the outlet reading is 0.369 psi or 10.21 WC.
I'm a DIYer so would've thought if inlet is 0 then why is outlet 0.369 psi and why does pilot flame work? Anyway pilot ignites with a solid flame but fire won't flame up. I disassembled fireplace, cleaned tubes, tightened fittings and burner orifice and replaced thermopile assembly but fireplace still won't flame. I tapped the manifold/valve assembly vigorously as suggested elsewhere in case of a valve needing to be loosened or whatever. Any ideas how to fix this as they're expensive to replace and install.
Pressure requirement and manual attached.

Screenshot_20211128-065833.png IMG_20211128_064052261.jpg


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Check the back side of the pilot tube housing. There is a small hole that is the Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS).
It can get plugged with pet dander or dust & the unit will not operate. The ODS thinks there is an unsafe condition.
A can of compressed air can work very well for cleaning the ODS.
Thanks. That's all been well cleaned and I blew it out with air. Unfortunately the problem persists. I also installed brand new one of these: R5170 LP Pilot Assembly For Empire Heater Propane Gas ODS… Amazon product ASIN B09J4RF9D1
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On further discovery it looks like I need 11-13WC inlet pressure and I have 10.2.
I suspect that's what's preventing the valve to open and burners to flame.
Any way to increase inlet pressure? Is the valve adjustment screw by the finger controls only for manifold pressure with no impact on inlet/regulator pressures? Thanks