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  1. hcanning

    Empire VFXIP24P Propane Fireplace not flaming. Inlet 0 psi. Outlet 0.369 psi

    Hi, I recently got my plumber to install an additional 8 ft of propane gas line to a new gas stove. I noticed after that my fireplace stopped working. The fireplace manometer inlet reading is 0 and the outlet reading is 0.369 psi or 10.21 WC. I'm a DIYer so would've thought if inlet is 0 then...
  2. R

    Gas Supply Fluctuations at Certain Times of Day

    Hi All, I have a Heat & Glo 'Escape' gas insert. I'm generally happy with it. On certain days, for periods of the day, the pilot light will go off, but not long enough for the electric ignition to need to click and start it again. It goes off, and then with a little 'poof' it goes back on...
  3. StinkyFlueStu

    Follow up on my stinky flu/fireplace

    Hi! Back in April, I started a thread about my stinky flue. I got some very helpful people responding, but it became clear that I had left some info out, plus pics were requested. I meant to just update that thread, but I got sidelined due to multiple family emergencies. So, here's a brand new...
  4. C

    Harman Accentra: no pressure difference due to failed combustion motor?

    Hi. My Harman Accentra insert worked last year. When I tried to turn it on for the first time this year, neither the feed motor nor the ingitor came on. I pulled out the pressure switch and when i create a small negative pressure at the input I can hear the contacts close and then open again...