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  1. hcanning

    Empire VFXIP24P Propane Fireplace not flaming. Inlet 0 psi. Outlet 0.369 psi

    Hi, I recently got my plumber to install an additional 8 ft of propane gas line to a new gas stove. I noticed after that my fireplace stopped working. The fireplace manometer inlet reading is 0 and the outlet reading is 0.369 psi or 10.21 WC. I'm a DIYer so would've thought if inlet is 0 then...
  2. VirginiaIron

    What have you done to or with your splitter today?

    My lift was sinking very noticeably so I figured it was the valve or the cylinder. The new valve and cylinder are about six months old. I got a new valve and replaced it and so far my lift/table isn't sinking anymore.
  3. Betterlysolutions

    Limit and blower shut off issue

    happy new year! I have a question... Actually a scenario i could use a little input on if you don't mind? It's an outdoor wood boiler another plumber installed and i combined an indoor navien system with it. There was a 6006c1018 aqua-stat installed on it to shut it down on temp rise but the...