Propane run radiant heat... run with no flame?

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Jotel me this

Feeling the Heat
Sep 21, 2018
I have radiant heating in the concrete slab in my garage. i dont need to keep the garage heated this year. to save on propane costs, and to avoid the water in the pipes from freezing in the PEX, would running the loop in the garage, but without heating the water.... stop the water from freezing? i guess im asking, would moving water in PEX not freeze.. compared to it just sitting there stagnant all winter long?

Thanks! :eek:
Why not drain the water out & fill it with the proper antifreeze blend?
Problem solved, moving or not.

its a very complex setup and i dont feel comfortable messing with it. there are a ton of knobs and dials and digital whose-a-whats-its.

im just trying to find ways to save on propane this year. do you think if i ran it once a day manually for an hour with heat, and then shut it off, that would be enough in the dead of winter to keep it from freezing? im grabbing at straws i know _g