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  1. Z

    Help ID this wood stove

    Hello newbie here. Just picked up this freestanding stove or fireplace and have spent many hours searching online. Found maybe 3-4 posts or listings for sale or already sold but seems as though nobody can actually ID it or has a model or manufacturer of the item. Always listed as mid century...
  2. M

    I can't find ANY information on this vintage Majestic fireplace!

    I recently acquired a vintage Majestic wood, free standing(or MALM) fireplace and I can't for the life of me find any info in it. It is has a multi-model tag on the back, and I actually searched each of the models and not much could be found. The most info I can find is an illegible ad or...
  3. G

    Our wood stove installation denied

    We recently installed a vintage wood burning stove, and because it had no UL listing we went by the guidelines found at nasd online. I printed that information out, along with some other information I had researched. I highlighted all of the specs we were going by and I put it in with our permit...
  4. N

    Hoping to find a manual for an unknown stove - perhaps Efel Arden Harmony?

    Hi, I just moved into a new house and there is an existing Efel wood stove. From what I can find out from googling images, it seems like its prob an Efel Arden Harmony, but its a rear venting model. It's not working very well, it doesn't draw well when its initially lit, and the stove fills...
  5. MEngineer24

    Hearthstone Wood Stove Help

    I found this Hearthstone stove posted near my area. I was wondering if anyone had any information on it. It looks a little worse for wear on the exterior. Has anyone ever restored/repainted enamel before? Also, the firebox looks to be in decent shape other than a few bricks appear to be cracked...
  6. H

    Old Buffalo Stove ID - New Member

    Hello all! My parents picked up this cool stove a few years back, but we never could find anything on it until now. the paint is chipping off in a few places, but it is all original, no repair welds or cracks, original handles, bolts, and feet. Pretty cool piece for sure. I found this section...
  7. M

    Vintage Morso 6b Wood Stove

    Hi all, this will be my first post on this site, so hope all goes well. I've been in the wood heating game since I was born. My family heated (and still do) with wood as our primary and only source of heat, no backup. So, naturally I've decided to heat with wood myself and I have a wood...
  8. TimB1

    Cemi Vintage Wood Stove, Looking for Information

    I have a Cemi Double Door Wood Stove with a split level top. Its chimney is 10" and I have a stack with it. Firebrick is like new. I'm awaiting front door Mica for replacment. Its US made and it completely made of 1/4" steel. Dimensions are : Height 35.25" to top of stove. Depth: 24.00" Width...
  9. 4

    Newbie needs help identifying stove

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to join the club sooner, but my starter house didn't come with so much as a chimney... house number two did, however, along with a wood burning stove! I've been anxious to use this thing and, now that winter is approaching, it's time to know what I have and, more...
  10. H

    Never seen a stove like this..?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the stove world and am hunting for a small stove for my tiny home. I stumbled upon this, which seems too large for my purposes, but I would be willing to restore and sell it. But, what is this? I've never even seen one shaped like this. Is it saveable/sellable? Any info...
  11. C

    Please help identify my fireplace

    Can anyone help me identify this stove? It was installed in a house we bought and my insurance broker is saying that if I cannot get them a make/model and CSA or ULC cert number that I may have to remove it before they will insure me. I moved it to the garage and checked every piece for a...