Install and Review of Warm Majic II / Northstar ZC Fireplace

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Nov 25, 2022
Nazareth, PA 18064, USA
Last fall I built an addition on our home and decided on the Warm Majic II fireplace, which is the same as the Northstar and the quadfire pioneer II. Some great info on this site helped me determine sizing the fireplace chase and some of the other smaller less talked about details. Overall this is an awesome fireplace, throws A TON of heat, quite easily heats our 2100ish sq ft ranch house, the room it is in gets about 74 with the farthest back bedroom about 69, perfect for sleep. Seems far more efficient than other wood stoves I have used, most likely because it is actually in my living area rather than being in the basement. The blower throws a lot of air on high, can be a tiny bit noisy but really not distracting. The secondaries are an absolute show and burns off almost everything before going up the chimney. I am a bit anal when it comes to burning, so i have a k type thermocouple installed about a foot the exit of the stove to show true flue temp, works absolutely awesome and takes every bit of guess work out of it for my wife during the day. I also replace the one fan switch for a switch that came be a off timer as well for when i load it up overnight but know i wont need the fan all night long. Here are some pics, if anyone is thinking of buying this series of fireplaces i cant recommend it enough. If you have any questions on install or anything lmk, I know its sometimes hard to find GOOD answers, even from the "pros".

20220118_165440.jpg 20220118_165507.jpg 20220124_195707.jpg 20220208_073941.jpg 20221125_103009.jpg 20221125_103021.jpg 20221125_103031.jpg 20221125_103113.jpg IMG_20211217_180510043.jpg IMG_20211217_180524001.jpg IMG_20211217_180534135.jpg
Nice job, it's nice when a plan all comes together with good looks and heating too.
fantastic.. i live in east central PA and it heats my 2100sf ranch no issue. is not a wood hog at all and throws a ton of heat. easy to get going and the secondary's fire almost instantly. overall just a great unit.. yes the fans are not silent, but that expected for the amount of air they move. only downside i saw was when reloading you have to hold one door shut while you open the other slowly, once the pressure balances out then you can open both, otherwise you get a puff of smoke in your house. very minor issue.. Very well designed firebox as well, the main fiber baffle is protected around the front edge by a piece of metal that makes sure you dont crack or chip away at it, comes apart very easy to clean....
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