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Dec 18, 2019
Thank you for this Forum!

First off, we have a mobile home. It's newer and nice, but still... mobile home. The prefab fireplace leaves a lot to be desired. It's a vexar insert (I can't find the model#) very similar to the superior WCT2036WS found on E-fireplace store. It takes 8DM air cooled chimney with the 8" inside and 12-3/4" outside diameter.

I have located a used HNG Northstar that seems to be in good shape (used occasionally) that owner says is 11 years old and wants 750$ for. It uses SL300 or Duravent duraplus chimney. He says he has "some" of the piping. Problem is, outside diameter from online searches shows 12" diameter. Is this accurate? Would roof flashing and storm collar make up and fill extra 3/4" hole?

Any questions I should ask owner or thoughts about a used fireplace this old? From everything I've read, they are as good as you can get for a ZC fireplace and it says right on insert that it is mobile home approved!

Is there a good place to buy the entire SL300 chimney system that normally comes with HNG Northstar? I have downloaded northstar install and owners manual and read them twice. Still, I'm worried I buy a used fireplace and then spend as much as a new one to get it installed. Then I have a used one for the price of new.

I have attached pictures, The first five pics are of fireplace I want to remove. (notice the blown in insulation from previous owner, i'll get that off). Along with two pics of the unit he has.

Thanks to anyone who suffered through my first post and thanks in advance for any advice!


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I bought a 2010 heatilator constitution slightly usedthis is the same exact model as the northstar...these are great appliances. At $5000 new...its a great deal, and man does mine heat!!!! Zero problems and very efficient. Get it asap.
Measure once, twice and thrice to be sure all clearance requirements can be met from the insert up to the chimney cap. 8" Duraplus will have an OD of 12" because it's triple wall, the outer layer is air cooled. 8" SL300 is about 10.5" OD I think.

Where is the firebrick? A replacement set is not cheap.
The brick needs to be in there. Some brick can be swapped to a less vulnerable location. Looks like the rear bricks can be swapped with the front floor bricks.
I've got a northstar, installed new with the house 6 years ago. It's a solid heater, and at that price you're doing great.

I noticed in your pictures that the door handles seem to be missing the springy ends that keep them cool. Maybe the owner has them stashed somewhere, but if not be sure to get those so you can reload without branding yourself.

This unit also requires an outdoor air kit and a chimney air kit for the SL300 vent pipe. Not a big deal if you're installing on an exterior wall, but something to be aware of as you're planning the setup.