Heat N Glo Northstar newbie

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New Member
Dec 16, 2023
Bath, SD
I just got my HnG Northstar installed and have had numerous fires going, putting out excellent heat. However, I can’t figure out why my ACC override switch keeps slowly going to the left as the fire burns. When it does this, it seems like I don’t get enough airflow and fire will die out unless I have my doors open. Should I have to keep sliding the linkage to the right?
Looks like moving the control lever to the right somewhere past the halfway mark starts into the ACC portion of the available adjustment. That last 1/4 or more portion of right-side adjustment appears to be for startup only, for the most part. Looks like most of your normal air adjustment happens in the first half to 3/4 area.
There is also a outdoor air open/closed lever behind the lower front vent. Probably ought to make sure that lever is in the open position.
Go to part "B", page 10 and start ciphering in depth!

I looked up what I believe is the appropriate manual below. I think! Confirm. Good luck.