Heat N Glo Northstar (heat zone kit)

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Dec 28, 2016
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I have a Heat N Glo Northstar fireplace with a heat zone kit that drops to the basement. The piping is aprox 10ft with 3 bends and it exits about 1 foot from the wall on the ceiling.

Recently finished a portion of the basement where the heat zone is located so I never really used it before today. The area it is heating is aprox 300 square feet.

The fan on the heat zone ran for several hours keeping the room very comfortable. But when I entered the room after this period of time is smelled warm. Upon further investigation the vent grill and surrounding drywall was so hot I could not touch it.

Anyone ever experience this situation? Normal? Alarming? Should I call the factory/dealer?


  • Heat N Glo Northstar (heat zone kit)
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  • Heat N Glo Northstar (heat zone kit)
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Do you have an IR gun to test it? I'm not sure how this system is installed and what type of ducting is used. I would have concerns if it was more than 100 degrees over ambient air temp (So maybe 180 degrees). At that temp you can probably get a 2 count before it's to hot to touch.
I do not have an IR gun but that is a good idea. The piping is all B vent. I called the dealer I bought it from and they are supposed to call me back.
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