Identification of Heat n Glo stove

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Oct 12, 2015
I just purchased a used Heat N Glo stove for use in a cabin. I had to buy it sight unseen as the price was ridiculously low $175 and came with pipe and ducts with thimble, And I was out of town so i just had my wife go pick up from a facebook deal. The couple selling it just bought their house, the sellers said it worked well, and they turned it on and it heated the room good. But they have little kids and don't want it. Plus it is old. It was disconnected and removed from house yesterday morning, so not sitting long.

I think it is a Tiara, but don't know exactly what model. I cannot find a metal plate on it not any serial number or model.

The gas controls on are on the right side midway up in a little covered opening in the back. On the bottom is a blower and a power box that says Fan and REM (remote control) with place for the cords.

I need to find the specs for it, clearances, pressures, and wonder if I can hook a wifi thermostat to it. Like to control it remotely, turn it on when i am heading for the cabin. Nice and warm when I get there.

Thanks for the help. I have only had Jotul's in the past and once installed by pro's they required nothing but basic maintenance...I suspect this will be the same, but I need specs.

Contact your local Heat & Glo dealer & ask when the blue enamel Tiaras were available. That could narrow down the model number.
Thanks, will go to dealer. But it’s not blue. Looks blue in the pic but is black. Was repainted with a brush. I’ll be sanding and spraying with flat black.
Tiara II B had to look at all the manuals to find the one with gas valve on the right side and not the bottom.