Heat -N- Glo Tiara II will not switch on

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Jan 1, 2011
Outside of Philly
Hi All,
I have a 12 yr old Heat-N-Glo gas stove, Tiara II.
Was working fine, now when I switch on the "off/on" button nothing happens.
Pilot lite is on.

I'm a tiny bit mechanically inclined, but not a mechanic. Any easy suggestions
of what I might try on my own. The local gas/fireplace store wants $185 just to walk in the door!

Thanks in advance
Take reading on the thermopile, using a multimeter, set to VDC, & contact the end probes to the terminals labeled TH-TP &TP. What is the reading you get?
Sorry for late reply.
Cleaned all the parts and vacuumed out spider webs, found a loose wire. Reattached and voila! Flames! Something so simple, I feel a bit foolish for not having checked. Thanks so much for your reply!Have a great and warm New Year!