Heat-N-Glo natural gas fireplace won’t stay lit

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GFD 2590

New Member
Jan 11, 2024
Hello ,
I have a Heat-N-Glo natural gas fireplace. It has the solid removable glass on it. The pilot lights flawlessly and the main flame comes on. After a few minutes (sometimes several minutes) the main flame goes out. I just replaced the complete pilot assembly. I do not have very much of the ember material in the bottom of the fireplace. Could the gas be flowing too freely thru the holes that produce the flames? I have gas cooktop, gas furnaces and gas water heaters. I have no problems with any of the other appliances. Is it worth checking to see if it will stay lit with the glass removed? Any suggestions will be appreciated .
Is the flame steady or is it lifting off the burner. Like the fire is floating above the burner before it goes out?
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