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  1. Q

    Heat N Glo stand alone natural gas heater pilot won't stay lit when you let off the button???

    Backstory: I have a Heat N Glow stand alone (at least 20 years old) heater. I turned off the pilot and gas to clean out the box before I start using it for the season. Issue: Once the box was cleaned and everything put back in it's place, the pilot light will no longer stay lit when I let go...
  2. R

    Substitute white non-combustible board above 6000cl unit with cement board?

    I am getting ready to add the El Dorado Stone veneer to the wall surround around my gas fireplace. I had the 6000 CL installed and then used Perma base cement board around the entire wall framing which is flush with the white non-combustible board attached to the unit. I was trying to do some...
  3. P

    Install and Review of Warm Majic II / Northstar ZC Fireplace

    Last fall I built an addition on our home and decided on the Warm Majic II fireplace, which is the same as the Northstar and the quadfire pioneer II. Some great info on this site helped me determine sizing the fireplace chase and some of the other smaller less talked about details. Overall...
  4. N

    Possible Bad Thermopile on HNG Townsend 1?

    I have a Heat N Glo Townsend 1 gas stove, acquired through purchasing a new home. Don't know the age of the unit. I've been trying to get it working for a few days now. Here is what I have tested so far: 1) Confirmed wiring per the user manual 2) Successful light of the pilot, stays on when...
  5. B

    Old Heat N Glo Venting/Term Needed

    Hi all! I am in a bit of a bind. I have a 16” run off of a Heat N Glo ST-TRC and need the venting and term cap. Willing to use any combination of DV-06D, DV-12D, or DV-24D venting (or adapters and new venting?). Term cap is part DVK-01TRD. Thanks!
  6. N

    Old style HHT Heat N Glo 5x8”5/8 Vent pipe

    Does anybody have a section of the old proprietary HHT vent. Previous home owner added 2” blue foam to outside of house and separated vent in wall. Have a mint 8000GDV I’d like to keep going. Or even one of those adapters to fit it to the new pipe. Or any advice. Thanks in advance.
  7. R

    H&G Escape 35 - installation confirmation

    I am installing my natural gas Escape 35 and in the installation instructions it indicates to remove the panels on either side of the unit that cover up the electronics and never instructs to reinstall them. It seems as if these panels remain removed the circulating fan would pull some air...
  8. 6

    8K1-PVI (2196-150) w/ PVK-80

    I've got an HHT RED60, control module is an 8K1-PVI (P/N: 2196-150) and Power Vent PVK-80 that will not fire. The module throws a 6 red light LED error code followed by 3 green lights (presumably reset). No sound, no ignition. Scenario aligns with book "Pilot wont light, no noise, no spark"...
  9. LAndrim

    Heat N Glo Tiara pilot light and ignitor not working

    Hi Everyone...can someone help me with a pilot light that will not work on TIARA II? When I press the pilot light switch ink it started "clicking" a few times, then died...any insights? Thanks much!
  10. Nanie

    Looking for recommendations for direct vent natural gas fireplace for new house

    Building a new house at the NJ shore- The focal point will be a double sided fireplace- one side facing dining area and the other side facing family room of a 3200 sq ft house. Looking for an efficient natural gas fireplace - full view - arched -very plain - no louvers etc. We also will have a...
  11. J

    Swich+remote or only remote - Heat & Glo 6000CLX - new install

    Hello, I am getting HeatnGlo 6000CLX installed and I am doing the electric work. My original plan was also to have a wall switch and ran a 14/3 wire to the fireplace area. However, some people I talked to are saying you don't want switch just keep the remote. It is easy enough to change the...
  12. W

    Heat n glo NorthStar

    Hello, We are in the process of designing our new home and our builder is recommending the NorthStar fireplace by Heat n Glo. Anyone have any experience with these? Our home will be 1945 sq ft and we are hoping this will really help cut down on our heating costs in the winter. Below is the...
  13. P

    Heat n Glo I35F High Pitched Whine/Squeal

    We love our new Heat n Glo i35 Gas insert fireplace. However, the fan on medium has developed a high-pitched whine/squeal lately that happens often, but not always. I found a similar thread here from 2014 where the fix involved screws and sheet metal in the back housing of the unit. I'm posting...