8K1-PVI (2196-150) w/ PVK-80

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New Member
Apr 3, 2019
I've got an HHT RED60, control module is an 8K1-PVI (P/N: 2196-150) and Power Vent PVK-80 that will not fire. The module throws a 6 red light LED error code followed by 3 green lights (presumably reset). No sound, no ignition. Scenario aligns with book "Pilot wont light, no noise, no spark" per IntelliFire guides (https://downloads.hearthnhome.com/communications/IPIPlus_TroubleshootingGuide.pdf). Wiring appears sound, continuity tests are passing and the unit fires OK with control module "8K1-50, P/N: 2166-307" which does not enforce PVK-80 vacuum so will not pass. It's my understanding that the PVK-80 is required to confirm a vacuum exists prior to ignition. I'm out of ideas, looking for help! Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you.
Overlooked a simple step during troubleshooting. PVK-80 was wired into AUX-300 module AUX1 port (which permits variable L/M/H fan speed settings), moving it to the AUX2 port (on/off only) resolved the issue. Control module now initiates start-up sequence, PVK-80 runs, negative pressure closes vacuum switch, ignition sequence proceeds successfully.