Heat n glo NorthStar

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Yep. Been about 10 years, but I installed a bunch of em. I burned one regularly after I moved to sales.
It was the main source of heat for the store.
Great heaters, & the secondaries will keep you entertained for hours. Make sure you build your chase 6
feet wide if you bump it out from the house, so you can leave room for the mandatory Outside Air Kit (OAK).
Anything else you wanna know, just ask.
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This manufacturer has products they refer to as stoves, and products they refer to as fireplaces.

This Northstar unit has a metal body with a firebox, airtight doors, a regulated air supply, reburn tubes, and a top baffle. What makes it a fireplace as opposed to a flush tube stove?

I think of a 'fireplace' as a setup lacking airtight doors and/or effective air control, often with no firebox of its own.
The Northstar is an EPA-Rated fire place. It is as efficient as a woodstove, but it looks like a fireplace.
It is Zero-Clearance as well, & is meant to be installed directly on a subfloor & within 1/2" of combustible
framing members, except for the front of the unit above the doors.
Heat 'n Glo makes gas, wood burning and electric fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves.
No, a fireplace is a fireplace. They are built in as opposed to freestanding. You can move a stove out when you sell the house, not so with a zc fireplace. EPA fireplaces have doors and a secondary burn system (cat or non-cat). A stove is typically a freestanding unit, though fireplace inserts are sometimes called stoves.
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