Heat and Glo Northstar Review - with pictures!

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Aug 10, 2015
Just wanted to post a quick review. I installed this at my previous residence and loved it.

Pros: the design matched our home
the integrated fan put off a lot of heat
easy to clean

Cons: minor- a metal piece inside the firebox would fall down if I bumped it with a log. Dealer was no help. it shielded the ceramic blanket that sat atop the baffle. I would just pull it out till the fire died down and with time my technique was more delicate. If I lived there more than the two burning seasons I would have created a permanent solution.

Overall we were extremely pleased and would install the same thing again at that house based on function/design.
2500sq foot home built in 2000 cap cod. It heated the upstairs and main living area well - the main living area opens to the upstairs. The rest of the first floor was much cooler.
IMG_0690b.JPG IMG_0701.JPG PICT9987.JPG
IMG_1474.JPG IMG_1478.JPG
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I always liked the Northstar, except when I had to move it for installation puposes. Probably installed 10 - 12 of them.
great heater. Good looking. Secondaries are amazing when they kick in. We heated our store in Troy, NY, with one.
If I ever return to being a woodburner, that's probably the unit I'd install in my home.


Sep 11, 2015
Long Island NY
Drew - thanks so much for your great review of the Heat and Glow Northstar! The pictures are always a bonus as well.

I've seen quite a few positive reviews from Hearth members which is super helpful for those researching zero clearance FP's. In fact, I don't recall seeing anything all that negative about the Northstar.

Thanks again!
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