Air circulation/wall fan question

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Sep 30, 2016
Ann Arbor, MI
Hi there. This is my second season with my Hampton HI300 insert. It is located in the front living area of the house, which stays very toasty along with the dining area right off of it and the upstairs bedrooms which get heat directed to them via the cathedral ceilings in the fireplace room. The other side of the house is the kitchen (stays cool), family room beyond (cold) and master bedroom (cold but perfect for sleep).

To improve comfort in the kitchen/back family room I am going to install a through the wall fan:

The fan will go on the wall separating the fireplace room from the kitchen/family room.

My question is: should I orient the fan to move warm air from the fireplace room into the kitchen/family area or position it to move cold air along the floor toward the stove and allow warm air to move by convection into the space? Esthetically I would like to keep the fan as low as possible and move cold air toward the stove but I want to do whatever is the most functional.

Thanks for your help!
Set it low, blowing toward the stove room. For more even heat in the house put a table or box fan in a cooler area within sight of the stove room, placed on the floor, pointing toward the woodstove room. Run it on low speed. It will blow the cooler air down low, toward the woodstove. The denser cool air will be replaced with lighter warm air from the stove room. Running this way you should notice at least a 5F increase in the room temp after about 30 minutes running. And the stove room temp should drop by a corresponding 5+ degrees.
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Yeah, I was wondering about the size of the fan. At first I was thinking I want lots of CFM and I can always turn it down if it is too loud, but it seems like most experienced folk advocate for a low speed anyway so might not be necessary.

I have looked at the Aireshare but for the CFM I think a small broan would do the same thing for much less. Especially if I am moving cool air.

Thanks for the help!
Remember that the wall will act as a sounding board. 6.5 sones is a very noisy fan. It would drive me nuts. The LP80 is about 1 sone I think.
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