Sharing Custom WIFI Remote Harman Control via Smartphone


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Nov 1, 2018
Neenah, WI
Hello fellow Pellet Stove Lovers, Just in time for the 2018/2019 Heating Season!
I have searched and read thru info on using Skytech and WIFI Thermostats to control Pellet Stoves on this forum and elsewhere. While there's good info around- it can also be costly & confusing to try out.
The following setup I put together for under $50 and it works perfectly to control my Harman Accentra
remotely from anywhere using my smartphone. It can be used to control as simple on/off, by timer program or even temperature of room. Bonus is you can see temperature/humidity of your house from anywhere from your phone.
This method uses your Room Temperature Sensor circuit to control operation. Meaning that it breaks the connection of the probe to send your unit into shutdown or maintenance mode when in "Room Temp" Auto or Manual Mode.
This will work with many Harman models- but you will have to verify if it would work for you. This can be simply tested by pulling off one of the room sensor leads while it's running to see if it goes into shutdown or maintenance mode and then returns to normal burn when reconnected.
I am assuming it will work with other makes as well if you have a control circuit you can break that will put the unit in shutdown or standby.
I made up this setup using 3 main components. A SonOff WIFI Temp/Humidity Switch- TH10. A Sonoff Temp/Hum Probe- AM2301 & RIB Relay RIBU1c.
I have attached a pic/drawing that describes how to tie together.
Took me less than 1 hour to put together and attach. I used a 4x4 exterior box that I wire tied to back of stove and kept clear of vent stack. I then wire tied the temp/hum probe to the return air vent grill at back bottom of stove.
You do need to know a little about wiring & circuits to tie components together.
You are at your own risk as this is for techy folks who love to tinker with their toys.
See attached pic & good luck...