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  1. B

    Mendota DVX 42 remote

    Recently had a Mendota dvx 42 installed in our new house. Trying to find a remote for it as it did not come with one. Struggling to find what I need on line. Any help. Our dealer would have to order one to the tune of 300, was wondering if there is something cheaper online. thanks
  2. M

    Proflame 2 Remote Error Code

    Hi all! I have a Jotul gas fireplace with the SIT Proflame 2 remote. I recently had to change out the batteries in the remote. The remote is working as normal and has all its functions but when I turn the fireplace off, there is a "Er9" on the screen display under the temperature reading. Has...
  3. L

    Help with heat and glo remote

    I have a heat and glo smart stat ii remote in a home I just purchased. The batteries have not been in the remote for about 6 months because the fireplace was randomly turning on in the summer. Now I’ve put multiple sets of new batteries in the remote and the screen lights up green and stays on...
  4. CozyCornerWI

    Sharing Custom WIFI Remote Harman Control via Smartphone

    Hello fellow Pellet Stove Lovers, Just in time for the 2018/2019 Heating Season! I have searched and read thru info on using Skytech and WIFI Thermostats to control Pellet Stoves on this forum and elsewhere. While there's good info around- it can also be costly & confusing to try out. The...
  5. A

    Connectivity Issues ML47 - ProFlame 2 Transmitter

    Dear friends, I had installed the Mendota ML47 about 2 weeks ago and it worked wonderful, warming up the room and offering nice evenings by the fire. Unfortunately that lasted 2 weeks... my remote lost signal with the fireplace and I can’t get it synced again ... I changed batteries twice The...
  6. O

    Can I substitute a different remote control for the IOM part?

    We've only had our Hearthstone Bristol 4 years, but the Proflame remote (0.584.027) is already very flaky. Even with fresh batteries we have to press the buttons 2-3 times before the display on the remote responds. I can't imagine it'll be functional much longer so I'm looking into replacements...
  7. J

    Swich+remote or only remote - Heat & Glo 6000CLX - new install

    Hello, I am getting HeatnGlo 6000CLX installed and I am doing the electric work. My original plan was also to have a wall switch and ran a 14/3 wire to the fireplace area. However, some people I talked to are saying you don't want switch just keep the remote. It is easy enough to change the...
  8. E

    Mt. Vernon E2 remote control

    newly purchased Mt Vernon E2 insert has a hand held remote due to the installer stating the wall mount can not be any further away from insert than 10 ft that would mean being in the same area of main heat - but I want the heat to regulate down the hall so they handed me a remote - now for all...