Can I substitute a different remote control for the IOM part?

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Apr 25, 2011
We've only had our Hearthstone Bristol 4 years, but the Proflame remote (0.584.027) is already very flaky. Even with fresh batteries we have to press the buttons 2-3 times before the display on the remote responds. I can't imagine it'll be functional much longer so I'm looking into replacements.

The Hearthstone replacements are VERY pricey (~$235 or $60 per year of use!). Other websites have the same Proflame units for about $135 or less for slightly different model numbers (0.584.025).

My questions are:
  1. Do I have to buy the exact remote from the manufacturer to have the correct programming?
  2. Would the ...025 remotes work for me?
  3. Is there some way to make any programmable remote work with the stove's receiver?
I'm thinking you will have to contact Hearthstone, since the remotes are designed specifically for the gas valve being used.
I never liked their remotes when they first came out with them. They were very temperamental & minor fluctuations in house
current would cause them to act erratically. Maybe they've improved the design since I left the showroom floor...