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  1. C

    Jotul F400 Burn Control

    Hello All, Brand new to the forum, not new to woodburning. Recently upgraded my Quadrafire voyager insert to a Jotul F400 to get away from the blower and enable longer burns/easier ash removal. The F400 is a used stove I bought for $1K that I believe is in good shape. Stove is rear exit...
  2. T

    Got a wood Boiler.... how to plumb/control it with radiant & DHW & Storage

    Hi! Let me start out by saying I AM NOT a plumber/heater. I am an electrician. My best friend is a plumber/heater but he has very little experience with solid fuel boilers. He is helping me with the whole system but is uncomfortable trying to come up with a solution that will do what I am trying...
  3. D

    1990 Whitfield Advantage II Control Panel Blew Up (pics) - Suggestions?

    Hello all, I have a 28 year-old Whitfield Advantage II insert (S/N: WH-12473) with the old-school dial control panel (Part Number 25250801) that sat unused for probably over 10 years. Last year, after a visual inspection of the wiring in the back and a thorough vacuuming, I fired it up...
  4. CozyCornerWI

    Sharing Custom WIFI Remote Harman Control via Smartphone

    Hello fellow Pellet Stove Lovers, Just in time for the 2018/2019 Heating Season! I have searched and read thru info on using Skytech and WIFI Thermostats to control Pellet Stoves on this forum and elsewhere. While there's good info around- it can also be costly & confusing to try out. The...
  5. C

    Quadra-fire contour no blower operation

    I recently installed a new snap disc (#1) and convection blower as it was noisy and the snap disc terminal was faulty. After installation of the new blower and snap disc the blower worked for about 1 week before it quit. The stove lights, feeds and runs until the thermal snap disc sets, the...
  6. T

    CAB 50 problems! Newbie to self servicing

    New member and 1st post. Only joined to try to get some help. Service guy is about 2 weeks out so thought I might see if anybody has answers. Cab 50 is a little over a year old and about a month ago started dropping pellets only until the blower kicked on and then stopped feeding. I noticed...
  7. zenoparadox

    hi300: leaky grill?

    (For the lexicographers in the audience who no doubt will feel the irrepressible urge to "correct" me: the OED gives "grill" as an alternate form of "grille". Regency uses both interchangeably. The manual says "grill". Their web site says "grille" in some places, "grill" in others.) We got a...
  8. Betterlysolutions

    Limit and blower shut off issue

    happy new year! I have a question... Actually a scenario i could use a little input on if you don't mind? It's an outdoor wood boiler another plumber installed and i combined an indoor navien system with it. There was a 6006c1018 aqua-stat installed on it to shut it down on temp rise but the...