P38 Distribution Blower Not Turning Off


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Dec 12, 2018
Just replaced the OEM distribution blower on my P38 with the equivalent Dayton from Zoro. The new blower is a converted 3 phase equivalent, as they “phased” out the older models...no pun. Install went well. Hardest part was removing and installing the spade connectors on the board.

After a couple days, I noticed the blower does not shut off when I open the firebox door. The previous blower did after a couple of seconds. I turn the blower down all the way normally when cleaning, but you still feel the blower.

Any suggestions of why this could be?


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May 17, 2010
Eastern Long Island, NY
You are talking about the convection blower motor and not the exhaust blower motor?

I don't see why any of them would turn off when the door opens (vacuum switch). If anything the auger should stop turning, and stop feeding pellets, and the fire would just go out (in case the door glass broke or something like that). Both blowers should keep working until the stove shuts down.