distribution blower

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  1. carnini

    Increase Distribution Fan Speed in Harman XXV

    This is a bit of an odd question, is there a way to increase the speed of my Distribution Fan in a XXV, I have it set to high and it does seem to be pushing enough air into the room but... When on test mode, or start up sometimes the distribution fan seems to go into extra high speed then...
  2. S

    P38 Distribution Blower Not Turning Off

    Just replaced the OEM distribution blower on my P38 with the equivalent Dayton from Zoro. The new blower is a converted 3 phase equivalent, as they “phased” out the older models...no pun. Install went well. Hardest part was removing and installing the spade connectors on the board. After a...
  3. W

    Miscellaneous Questions

    Hello all, I figured I would post a few questions to help me understand pellet stoves better (did not want to create 3+ threads). I assume this was the better method. I have learned alot from this forum but want to make sure on a few things. 1. Combustion blower what does this do? (suck gases...
  4. D

    Harman p68 distribution blower is dead

    I knew my distribution blower was going bad because of the high pitched chirps it was making. I thought that when the fan finally died, the stove would shut down. Well, the fan died and the stove is still running. Is running the stove without the blower causing damage? I need to head out to get...
  5. B

    Distribution Blow Issues

    I bought my US Stove 6041i pellet stove about a year ago. About 2 months into running the stove, it started putting out a "screaming" noise, which turned out to be bad bearings in the distribution blower. No problem. I called US Stove Co and they sent me a new blower under warranty, no...
  6. Redrum3

    Harman P43 - New user, No Distro Blow, Weak Flame

    Hi everyone! I fired up my stove today for the first time since I bought the house in April. I started out with feed at 3, ignition on auto, mode on room temp, and temp to 75. I got a great fire but then it started to die down and I noticed that the distribution blower wasn't blowing nor was...
  7. F

    Distribution blower on PC45 won't come on

    Hi folks. Just installed a used PC45, burning corn. No room sensing probe installed so am running in stove temp mode. Have tried all the combinations of settings I have seen suggested in the manual, in various threads, etc, and can't get the distribution fan to come on. (It comes on in Test mode...