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    P38 Distribution Blower Not Turning Off

    Just replaced the OEM distribution blower on my P38 with the equivalent Dayton from Zoro. The new blower is a converted 3 phase equivalent, as they “phased” out the older models...no pun. Install went well. Hardest part was removing and installing the spade connectors on the board. After a...
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    Large flame and Creosote build up in P38 Harman pellet stove

    All, This is my first time posting so I will try to include all of the information. If I miss anything please let me know and I will provide more. I have had my stove for a year now and last winter it ran great heating my house no problem. I gave it a full cleaning every month. Towards the...
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    Harman P38 Discussion

    I have an older style Harman P38 with the two knobs only. I have always had problems with the feed rate knob. I finally found replacement pots and soldered them on. When I started the fire (manual) the stove was exhausting the fire and was on but not feeding. When I opened the door and then...