Harman PC45 3 blink status light

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New Member
Feb 22, 2020
Pickering, Ontario
Hey ya'll, new here. I have read through quite a bit of threads here to try find a resolution. I have a 98' Harman PC45 that has recently shut down after a full cleaning, ran about 10 days. Only change right before it shut down is I had re sealed the venting and unplugged and plugged back in the stove. It will not re light associated with 3 blink status light. I have cleaned the ESP and checked resistance, 1000 plus ohms. Ignitor resistance checks out also. I have checked the vacuum switch with a UEI tester and closes at the advertised 0.10 WC PF. I have checked the potentiometers for resistance changes as rotated and no dead spots noted. Room temp probe resistance checks out also and was removed out of the equation just in case. Once plugged in, room blower and combustion blower and auger turn on, status light solid and few seconds later 3 blink status light. Stays like this with no light off. Hopper seal, door seal and ash pan seals look to be in good shape. Dip switches are confirmed in the right positions associated for the red ESP. Fines box is clean. Vacuum lines clean. Up and out venting. Any help/ ideas to check next would be greatly appreciated as I am at the ends of my troubleshooting.
Do you have a Red or Black ESP? Resistance is low if Black.
Replaced the ESP with no fix. Took the board to get components bench tested, micro processor on the broad is shot, it is a replaceable item but would be no way of getting software for reprogramming from Harman. New board ordered. What is a good surge protector recommended for these stoves?