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Dec 26, 2017
Harford PA
Hey Everyone,
I live close to New Milford PA and I'm installing an Harman 61a used from a freind. I'm currenty looking at pellets and with so many out there I have no idea what to get. I have lignetics and dry creek 249 per ton or 5.99 per bag in town, I can get New England Pettets for 230, also hamer hot ones for 249. I could get Barefoot but they seem pricey. I was just wondering what people are using and how they are burning this year.
Hamers are usually a good solid choice but it would not hurt to try some of the others and see which burn best for you and throw best heat
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Harmans aren’t really picky on what you burn in them. I’ve been using Dry Creek for the last 3 seasons in a P43 and I’m happy with them.

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From NEPA. I'm burning Barefoot and get them for $250/ton. They've been burning good until the last couple bags which seem to have some black junk mixed in them that smells like burnt plastic or rubber. My local Ace has Country Boy White Lightning's that I was thinking of trying once I run out but they are selling them for $7 a bag or $330/ton. Big box stores selling Stove Chow, Green Supreme, Cheat River, etc. for $250/ton. Both of the places I can get Barefoot's at leave them outside and are currently buried in snow.
A local lumber yard is selling instant heat wood pellets for 235 cash seems like a good deal but I don't see a lot of reviews on them.
I've burned a couple tons of Instant Heat each year in the past, but not the last year or two. I always thought they were fine: more ash and a bit less heat then the more expensive pellets, but this should not be a problem with the large ash capacity of your Harman (iirc). In my small Castile I'd have to clean the firebox and empty the ashpan every day with them in this kind of weather. I think they are better than New England (NEWP).

Last I checked, Andre & Sons in Montrose carried them.
Right now I'm burning some bags of Barefoot and Spruce Point from Tall Pines Farm.
I do not like the Tractor Supply pellets at the Montrose store, though I do use them in mild weather. Be careful: the bags are very weak and sometimes moisture-damaged.
The Binghamton Agway has Barefoot, Energex, and Dry Creek. They also deliver (and can wheel the wrapped pallets into the back of my garage).
Lowe's selection varies. Their more expensive pellets are no better than their other brands. I avoid pellets at the Binghamton HD... moisture damage way too often.
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