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    Going on the pellet world tour. Trying out different brands.
  2. J

    HELP! My PDV25 Englander Pellet Stove has my house pushing 90° on 35° days!

    Looking for some help! My Englander Pellet Stove has been running extremely hot. About 6 weeks ago, I had to replace the top auger. At the same time, I switched pellets to a brand that I used before & also liked. I went from using Lignetics to Instant Heat. Both work great... but i feel like...
  3. sandpipe

    Ash comparison of Stove Chow, Green Supreme, TSC white/blue bag

    From HD: Green Supreme (mfg by Lignetics off of barcode): 71g per bag Stove Chow: 105g per bag From TSC: White bag with blue print: 94g per bag I would have had HD deliver the Green Supremes but now they only have the high ash Stove Chows so I am leaning towards getting the TSC pellets...
  4. N

    NEPA Pellets

    Hey Everyone, I live close to New Milford PA and I'm installing an Harman 61a used from a freind. I'm currenty looking at pellets and with so many out there I have no idea what to get. I have lignetics and dry creek 249 per ton or 5.99 per bag in town, I can get New England Pettets for 230, also...
  5. S

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Lignetics pre-season sale in SE PA $259/ton

    Oxford Feed & Lumber in Oxford, PA and Brandywine Ace, Pet & Farm in West Chester, PA are selling Lignetics for $259/ton through the end of June 2016. It has to be paid in full when ordering, and they have to be picked up or delivered by August 31st. The delivery fees are very reasonable; I...