Lignetics' Golden Fire vs. Mallard Creek Pellets for Pellet Stoves in California

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New Member
Dec 29, 2023
Concord, CA
I have a new Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove and we recently bought 20 bags of Golden Fire pellets from Lowes at $9/bag. It's late Dec. 2023 so we're late in the season and I ran into another hardware store and saw they had a close-out of Mallard Creek Pellets for $7.00/bag and I'm wondering how good are these pellets in comparison to the Lignetics' brands? Both in California seem to be softwood and both are rated about 8,400 BTU, and the Mallard Creek were also $8.99/bag last week, same as Golden Fire is now.
I hear lots of nightmare stories about cheap pellets, but I'm not sure what brands or unbranded ones are the problem. Everyone talks about Lignetics line as being superior, but I don't see anything about Mallard Creek so any feedback, except it was the same price and now they're closing them out at $7/bag.
What do you think? Thanks.