Harman Absolute 63 Hopper Lid Dimensions

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Jul 12, 2021
Central Rural NJ
Hey all! Long time pellet stove lurker here, but the time's finally come to get in the game and we're set on doing just that with either a Harman 43 or 63 Absolute. Plan is to partially* recess the stove into one of our fireplaces (fireplace is too large for an insert), but to make a final call on the exact model I need more info on the dimensions of the hopper lid.

Can a pellet stove brother or sister with a Harman 63 spot me the dimensions of said lid? All I could find were the dimensions of a replacement hopper lid for the Harman XXV (approximately 8 x 16 inches), but I don't know how this compares to the 63 (or 43, for that matter, which I assume is the same). Really, I'm looking to nail down the approximate height of the lid when open; I realize the lid is hinged and will be a little bit taller than the width of the lid itself.

If someone could bust out a tape measure or ruler next time they pass by their beast of a Harman it would be HUGELY appreciated. Thank you much.

*goal is to avoid installing a bigger hearth liner on the outside of the fireplace. There's already a slab of stone there 20 inch deep.
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