absolute 63

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    Absolute 63 Dirty Glass

    Hi All, So my Absolute 63 is a week old today and boy does it crank out some HEAT! We've noticed that the room temp on the control panel and what the room "Actually" is at, is about a 7 degree difference so we've switched to using Constant Burn mode at a 2 or 2.5 setting. Even at that setting...
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    NEW Pellet Stove Owner (Harman Absolute 63) NOOB questions

    Hi All! We are new to Pellet Stoves and just got a brand new Absolute 63 installed today. It is a corner installation with a 45 degree out the back, a pass through with the clean air intake integrated, and a 4 foot riser on the outside of the house. I have a few newbie questions: 1) As the...