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    Harman Absolute 63 Hopper Lid Dimensions

    Hey all! Long time pellet stove lurker here, but the time's finally come to get in the game and we're set on doing just that with either a Harman 43 or 63 Absolute. Plan is to partially* recess the stove into one of our fireplaces (fireplace is too large for an insert), but to make a final call...
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    Harman Absolute 63 Metal Expansion Clicking

    Installed our Harman Absolute 63 last February and loved it. Heats all of our 2,000 square foot home. Recently I have noticed a clicking sound when the fire ramps up and then calms back down. Had the dealer come out and said it was normal metal expanding and contracting. I’m adamant that I have...
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    Absolute 63 Dirty Glass

    Hi All, So my Absolute 63 is a week old today and boy does it crank out some HEAT! We've noticed that the room temp on the control panel and what the room "Actually" is at, is about a 7 degree difference so we've switched to using Constant Burn mode at a 2 or 2.5 setting. Even at that setting...
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    NEW Pellet Stove Owner (Harman Absolute 63) NOOB questions

    Hi All! We are new to Pellet Stoves and just got a brand new Absolute 63 installed today. It is a corner installation with a 45 degree out the back, a pass through with the clean air intake integrated, and a 4 foot riser on the outside of the house. I have a few newbie questions: 1) As the...