Harman Absolute 63 Blown Fuse Still After Some troubleshooting

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Jan 18, 2024
Brockport NY
Hello, I am new to this forum but was reading through some of the posts and found there are very knowledgeable people who are part of it so I joined in hope of learning more and possibly coming up with a fix for my Harman Absolute 63.

I came home a week ago to find the stove was turned off and had no power. I discovered the 5A fuse on the control board (upper left corner in the back) was blown.

I did some research and started with checking the ignitor. It appears to be ok as it read 47 ohms.

I put the stove back together, installed a new fuse and plugged it in. I was surprised that it did not just power up and wait to be told to start. It went right into igniting mode and the pellets started burning. I am not sure if when the stove lost power it kept it's current setting somehow or if there is a way to reset it.

As I wanted to have the stove run through it's normal paces I turned it off from the touch screen and it went into shutdown mode.

I was not paying close attention to it but after about 10 to 15 minutes I notice the stove lost power. The fuse had blown again.

I went back to researching and I believe that the combustion fan still runs during shutdown so I traced it's wiring to a plug hoping to run the stove as much as possible with the combustion fan unplugged. The plug contains multiple wires so this made the stove think the door was open. I was unable to find a good wiring diagram besides the one on the panel you remove to access the back of the stove so I'm not sure what other wires are in that plug.

With the combustion fan plug disconnected the stove ran in shutdown mode for around 4 hours with the distribution fans on high and did not blow the fuse.

I was thinking of just throwing parts at it which in this case is the combustion fan until I discovered the cost of an OEM unit.

Is there a way to test the combustion fan to see if it is good? It ran for at least 10 minutes during shutdown which to me seems like it should be running at a lower RPM drawing less current and it would not blow the fuse.

Is there something else I should be testing to see why the fuse is blowing?

Has anyone come up with a way to add a breaker or some other form of resettable protection for the fuse while the stove is being troubleshot? I was thinking of soldering wires to a blown fuse and then connecting them to a breaker but was unable to determine the voltage on the control board to the fuse to size the breaker correctly. I know it would need to be a fast trip breaker as to not damage anything else.

Sorry for the long post but I believe the more information the better.

Thank you for any ideas in advance
Is the stove plugged into a surge protector?
Is the stove plugged into a surge protector?
It is not but I do not believe that was the issue because the second fuse blew as the stove was shutting down. Unless there was a surge that damaged something else.

I did not lose power at the house that day so I'm not sure a surge occurred but a surge protector is on my list.
Unplug your igniter and manually start it and see if the fuse blows, if it doesn’t then the igniter is the issue

And if you’re wanting to put any inline fuses use a 4a fuse that’s why there’s a 5a fuse in the control board. On the new igniter I put in mine I put a 4a fuse inline so if there’s an issue the fuse will blow and point me in the right direction
Yeah for sure, the more info you have the better
A quick update on what I found over the weekend just in case it will help anyone.

I found a distribution fan wire that the insulation had been worn through. It was sitting on the combustion fan and as that spun it wore through.

I put electrical tape on it and wire tied it to the side.

The stove ran for awhile without blowing the fuse but the distribution fans would not turn off after the flame had been out for an hour.

I then used the touch screen to turn off the stove but it did not read shutting down.

Seems like one problem solved but now I need to figure out the new ones.

I am going to start a new post for these as to change the subject line. Hopefully that is ok in this group.
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Glad you were able to fix this! Thank you for posting!!