Absolute 63 Touch Screen Software Question

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New Member
Jan 18, 2024
Brockport NY
I have a Harman Absolute 63 that I am not sure if the software got corrupted or if that is even possible.

A little quick history. I was chasing a blown fuse problem that I believe was caused by a distribution blower wire being worn through because it was sitting on the combustion fan and when that spun it wore through.

After finding this the fuse did not blow. The stove ignited and when it reached the temperature setting it shutdown but the distribution fans kept running for more than an hour at a constant speed it sounded like.

I tried shutting the stove down from the touch screen but when the button showed off the screen did not read shutting down and the distribution fans kept running.

While working on the blown fuse issue I noticed the stove was not acting normal. For example when I plugged it in it ignited right away like it went to its last state before the fuse blew.

I was thinking maybe the software is corrupt or out of sync because of the way it lost power.

If I reload the software with the USB can this cause a problem?

I don't want to get locked out.

Thank you
Last night I cleaned the ESP probe and verified the resistance is 1K ohm along with a software update.

The distribution fans do not turn off and run at a constant speed not matter what the stove is doing.

Any ideas on what to test?

thank you
Are you plugging the stove into a surge suppressor? Almost sounds like a control board issue.
I was thinking control board also. I found a shorted wire for one of the distribution fans.

I cant seem to find a way to test the board.

I am wondering if anyone repairs them as opposed to buying new.
hope you get your problem fixed.. really.... but stories like this keep lot of us sticking with the tried/analog dial harmans..
less to go buggy......good luck..