Harman Absolute 63 Combustion/Exhaust Fan

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New Member
Jan 18, 2024
Brockport NY
Not sure why but my Harman Absolute 63 is giving me fits this year. It is 3 1/2 years old and I burn 4 to 5 ton a year.

About 2 weeks ago I found a distribution wire sitting on top of the combustion/exhaust fan and as that spun it wore through the insulation and shorted it out which in turn took out the control board.

After replacing the control board a few days later I hear a noise that I determined to be the combustion fan. I ran the combustion fan in test mode and it makes the noise then. The distribution blowers did not.

I took the fan out but wasn't able to determine the cause of the noise. I'm suspecting a bearing but there was no slop in the shaft. The fan blades seem fine also.

Any ideas on a possible fix?

If the fan needs to be replaced I read a good deal about sticking with OEM but if the original fan only lasted 3 1/2 seasons how much better are they?

Best place to buy one if need be and OEM or anyone have a good experience with an aftermarket and if so which brand?

Thank you in advance.