Tractor supply pellets stalling out my stove

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New Member
Nov 30, 2023
New York
Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for some advice. I purchased a house last year with an existing Harman accentra52i pellet insert. The previous owner left me a pallet of fuel, a good amount were white bags with blue font that just said “premium hardwood” on the bag. The remainder were the good ole “green supreme” from the big box stores. Both of those fuels ran fine in my stove. The no name white bag was better, less ash, longer burn time, and lit off easier. Long story short I used all the fuel up and made the mistake of being cheap and buying tractor supply pellets. They keep jamming in my hopper because they are unacceptably inconsistent in length, and there’s a ton of saw dust in each bag. Now I’m just trying to burn my way through this pallet but it’s frustrating waking up in the morning to the stove being off and my boiler running. Does anyone know any tricks to get these pellets to keep from jamming up? And what pellet fuel should I go with Next to avoid this problem? Thanks!
My bet is that those white bags with blue print were TSC pellets (the picture shows TSC bags), but I could be wrong.

TSC hardwood pellets - 4 bags.jpg

You may have gotten a bad batch of pellets, or they are from a different mfg than what was left for you by the previous owner. The TSC in my area usually carries MWPs in their bags, while even other areas in NH, the TSC may carry NEWPS or Currans in their bags. YOu can usually tell what they are by the 12 digit code.
Your stove loves green supreme , it works. It makes a but above average ash. Buy a pellet stove ash vacuum.

Stick with 1 brand that works for you .

Some brands have ash, so fine it clogs up the burn pot, it has happened to me 3 times. Make sure you clean your stove often.

The more clean it is, the less the problems I have noticed. But it just keeps getting dirty. And more inefficient. So the more frequent cleanings. The more air flow, the more heat. On day 30 of no cleaning my stove chokes out. And blows weaker amounts of heat.
So I clean the stove for 10 minutes every 2 weeks. Not the liner. But just the air passages