Trouble shooting immediate E2/E1 on Englander stove.

jeremywiebenga Posted By jeremywiebenga, Oct 6, 2018 at 8:18 PM

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    Oct 6, 2018
    Hi guys, new here. I moved into my home 3 years ago and the previous owner has a Englander 25 previously installed. Other than having to cut a degraded end off a vacuum hose coming from the poet to the right of the fire box it's been problem free. Right at the end of the cold season last year the upper auger stopped working. I just finished troubleshooting and found no power going to it. Since it needed cleaning anyway I removed the exhaust blower and cleaned it out. Doing so I found the vacuum hose there had degraded and cracked in the same way. I cut the end and reattached as I did with the other one. I replaced the blower and it was pulling much more air after cleaning, no suprise. However now I get a nearly immediate E2 error then it shuts down and give me an E1 error after shutting down. The exhaust blower is functioning as are both augers now. I'm assuming it's a bad igniter? It won't stay on long enough to ignite but if I get a fire going with a torch and keep pressing the "On" button both blowers function as well once up to temp. So everything SEEMS to be in order but the unit keeps shutting down in about 5-10 seconds. First showing E2 then E1 despite there being a fire going if I start it without the igniter. Could a bad igniter give me these errors? I've cleaned the igniter port and the only thing I did to cause this was to clean the exhaust blower. What are your thoughts? I greatly appreciate any help you can provide.
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    E2 is a failure to start error, and E1 is a vacuum loss error.
    With a vacuum loss the upper auger will not deliver any fuel, that results in a failure to start.
    The most probable causes are:
    1. faulty door seals
    2. a broken or disconnected vacuum hose
    3. a bad vacuum switch
    4. The hopper lid is not latched (not all stoves were equipped with a hopper lid switch)
    Check you door seals on all sides by closing the door on a dollar bill. If there is little resistance to removing the bill with the door latched, the seals need replacement. Check the vac hose on the oposit side of the stove that connects to the combustion motor housing. You can jump the vacuum switches (1at a time) to varify function with a paper clip. You can run it that way just for troubleshooting! And always unplug the stove when you handle the wire on the stove they cary line voltage and will give you a new hairdo. You should see the igniter glowing in the hole just to the rt of the auger above the burn plate, if it doesn’t you probably need an igniter.
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