Harman P68 igniter replaced, still not igniting

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Mar 9, 2019
Looking for troubleshooting tips on a P68 igniter

Replaced the igniter this evening but still not getting a flame. Used a multimeter to test the igniter and it is good. The stove has been cleaned & I’ve checked the gaskets with the dollar bill test and they are good. At start up, the igniter indicator is a very faint red—I’m assuming this glow is from the lights above it. No heat in the pot.

The igniter I replaced was working off and on, it took about a week to finally quit 100%. My thought now is I have an issue with my circuit board, does this seem right? What else can I check before buying a board?
Using a multimeter you could check the power coming from the board and see if it is 120vac
also check the igniter wires for damage (melted or pinched)