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  1. R

    Is my Quadrafire 1200i board bad? How can I tell?

    Auger wasn't working. Got that fixed. Dumb Move #1--pulled out the ash tray while current was flowing to the igniter. Very tiny spark noted. ;em ;em ;em Everything continued to work fine except the igniter wouldn't heat. Current status is that everything works perfectly except the igniter...
  2. F

    Blown fuse and circuit board in Harman XXV

    This will make the 3rd circuit board replacement on our 4 year old Harman XXV. Every time the stove power is off and it's turned back on the fuse blows, as well as the circuit board. Isn't the point of a fuse to protect the board? The board we just received is the same 3-20-05886F but the...
  3. D

    Harman P68 igniter replaced, still not igniting

    Looking for troubleshooting tips on a P68 igniter Replaced the igniter this evening but still not getting a flame. Used a multimeter to test the igniter and it is good. The stove has been cleaned & I’ve checked the gaskets with the dollar bill test and they are good. At start up, the igniter...
  4. I

    MP 35/50 earth stove circuit diagram

    Does anyone have the circuit diagram for the Earth stove 35/50 pellet stove? I am an electronic technician and want to fix the faulty board on my pellet stove. The replacement board costs over $400 and it is probably a component that is faulty. As an alternate, I will have to trace out the...
  5. S


    Hello to all. Can anyone identify or snap a pic of their 2006 Enviro empress motherboard . I need to find out the value and colors on the blown resistor. Here is a photo of mine with the blown resistor circled. Thanks a whole heap.. Getting a little nippy out got 2 tons of pellet fuel and ready...
  6. J

    Igniter hopefully just a fuse? King pellet 5502M

    Ignighter test failed after the stove just "went out" this morning. Hopefully it is in the suggested inline fuse and not the circuit box ($500.00!!!!) Does anyone know where that inline fuse is or which fuse it is on the circuit board, I can't find a circuit board schematic. Thanks for any...
  7. Don2222

    Harman P68 - 4 RPM or 6 RPM Feed Motor - Which is better?

    Hello I have worked on older 4s and newer 6s installed in P68s but what is the difference? Does the 6 RPM put out more heat? Four of the Dip switches on the Circuit Board sets the feed motor for the correct charge of pellets to the burn pot at startup and other differences but is there any...