Igniter hopefully just a fuse? King pellet 5502M

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New Member
Oct 8, 2017
Ignighter test failed after the stove just "went out" this morning. Hopefully it is in the suggested inline fuse and not the circuit box ($500.00!!!!) Does anyone know where that inline fuse is or which fuse it is on the circuit board, I can't find a circuit board schematic. Thanks for any suggestions you can send my way.
it might be on the same side as the control board on the inside. It could be a small board mounted to the bottom of the stove.
There are about 4 fine fuses (can hardly see if they are blown or not) that are affixed to the circuit board, shoud I be looking for one encapsulated in a plastic case between 2 wires as you find in auto applications??
Probably not. You can get an inexpensive meter to test your fuses. It will be useful in the future, for sure, too.