Enviro M55 - Circuit Board Fuse & Agitator question.

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Hearth Supporter
May 3, 2010
Western MA
Had a split-second power surge due to high winds in my area. Result - No power with my Enviro M55 FS Steel. After unplugging from the wall and accessing the area of the circuit board, the 5A 125V fuse on the back was blown. Before swapping a new fuse, I went to "manually" move the agitator by hand out of curiosity (grabbing the chain and sprocket), and it didn't budge. Is this normal? Also, in the past, I pulled the agitator fuse that's located in the 5-gang fuse panel and it continued to agitate (and throw un-burnt pellets out of the burn pot) - I'll look for this hack down the road. Just for reference - I'm using a 2008-ish Monster Cable PowerCenter Surge Protector because it has open/unused outlets - better than nothing (I think).
You will find the agitator motor is so low-geared that moving it by hand is almost impossible
Also if you pull the fuse the motor should not operate .
There must be a crossed wire to the blue /yellow power wire!