1. D

    Harman P68 igniter replaced, still not igniting

    Looking for troubleshooting tips on a P68 igniter Replaced the igniter this evening but still not getting a flame. Used a multimeter to test the igniter and it is good. The stove has been cleaned & I’ve checked the gaskets with the dollar bill test and they are good. At start up, the igniter...
  2. T

    New to pellet

    We bought a house at the end of winter last year. We have a Harman p68 working in basement. However, we have empty fireplace on the main floor... which has cathedral like ceiling open to upper beds rooms. Am I better off moving the Harman Pellet Stove to the main floor? Will it heat a larger...
  3. M

    P68 Feeder Won't feed

    We have a P68 for 4 years, it has been great till today. The feeder stopped feeding pellets. I made sure all doors are shut. Actually it does feed pellets, just not normal, at a very slow pace, I put the feeder dial at 4, and it feeds like 5 or 6 pellets per turn... What could be the problem? Help!
  4. D

    Harman p68 distribution blower is dead

    I knew my distribution blower was going bad because of the high pitched chirps it was making. I thought that when the fan finally died, the stove would shut down. Well, the fan died and the stove is still running. Is running the stove without the blower causing damage? I need to head out to get...
  5. B

    Looking for a custom built Harman P68 pellet hopper extension!

    I'm not interested in the small one Harman overcharges for. Anybody out there making custom hoppers? Vermont gets cold!
  6. F

    P68 died

    my Harman p68 died! Was running fine then just shut off completely. No blowers no indicator liter nothing.it came back on for few minutes then shut off again.checked power,all good. The indicator liters will flash on if I tap on the control panel.fuse is good, think in the the circuit board went...
  7. J

    2016 Harman P68 Question. Are they updating the unit?

    Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum over the past 6 months but I am finally posting. I was going to buy a Harman P68 over this past summer but I was able to lock in propane for $1.59/gallon. So, it allowed me to save some cash and now install over the summer. In speaking to the Harman...
  8. Don2222

    Harman P68 - 4 RPM or 6 RPM Feed Motor - Which is better?

    Hello I have worked on older 4s and newer 6s installed in P68s but what is the difference? Does the 6 RPM put out more heat? Four of the Dip switches on the Circuit Board sets the feed motor for the correct charge of pellets to the burn pot at startup and other differences but is there any...