Questions about my Washington Works No. 24 stove…

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New Member
Nov 28, 2023
I have some questions about a stove my husband and I just got from my in-laws. It say’s Washington Stove Works Everett Washington on the back of it. I know that there are loads of Taiwanese knock offs so my question is, how do I identify if it is a knock off or not? I am also missing a small piece or two from the stove and wondered if there was anyone that knows of somewhere I can find pieces for this stove. We just got it tonight so I don’t have pictures of it yet but I did look it over and did not see any markings about it being made in Taiwan. There is also “No.24” on the front bottom of the stove.
If the stove is marked Washington Stove Works it is more than likely the real deal. Most clones from overseas did not use real brand names. If this is the parlor stove, then it may be hard to find parts for it. I am sure you already read the history on these stoves on this site which is an interesting read as to their beginnings. Where are you planning on using this wood stove? If in your home, you may check with your insurance company first. Some require a licensed contractor for installation with the stove having proper clearances.