Historical Washington Stove Works Pictures and Articles

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Behold a Stove

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Jan 20, 2024
Hello everyone,

In my research on Washington Stove Works, I'm glad I found this archive of a Herald article on Hearth.com. I wasn't able to find the original article on the Everett Herald website but I'm glad it was saved here.

The Everett Library and local historians that worked with them provided me with some great historical material I think y'all will enjoy.

Here are links to pictures of Washington Stove Works trucks from the JA Juleen Collection:



There is also a very nice quality picture of a stove which also comes from the JA Juleen Collection attached here.

We have a nice set of advertisements and newspaper articles here from the Everett Herald newspaper. 1932 articles about ranges being shipped to a Shanghai hotel and the Wenatchee Elks Club, a stove and light casting advertisment from 1916, and an Olympic Pipeless Furnace advertisement from 1923.

WashingtonStoveWorks_Jun_30__1916_.jpg WashingtonStoveWorks_Sep_23__1922_.jpg washington stove works juleen 737 snip.png WashingtonStoveWorks__Sep_12__1922_.jpg 1923 washington stove works.png
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Here is another newspaper article from 1981 talking about the Smith Avenue location (I will have to check some older maps again because the original location may have been located in a different spot) and a picture from the Everett Library showing a fire at Washington Stove Works on June 5th 1958.

1981_02_12  EDH  STOVE WORKS OPENS FACTORY-DIRECT OUTLET  Pg 11B (1).jpg 3402 smith washington stove works 6-5-58 tjensen.JPG
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Cool stuff. Thanks for posting. I love old stove history.