Replacement parts for Astria Montecito Estate/Superior WCT6940

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New Member
Nov 3, 2023
Central New Jersey
Hi All!

Glad to be here, seems like a 'warm' and loving community.

I am looking for a replacement thermopile for my Astria Montecito Estate. The official part number is IHP part # J8004, however, I do not need the entire assembly and gauge, only the actual thermopile. I am scared to buy a generic one, as I don't fully understand thermopiles, and what type of thermopile (T, J, K) I need.

I am also looking for a 3rd party replacement catalytic combustor, as the manufacturer ones are over $1000!!

Any help would be appreciated!
Turns out the issue was with the actual gauge that got a bit melted, preventing the needle from moving properly.

I ordered a replacement meter for $20 on eBay. It is a Hopesun 50 mA analog meter.

The actual Thermopile had "Q313A 1537E" and measured 44" from the tip of the sensor to the contacts at the end.

Combustor assembly inner dimensions: 19-3/4 w x 2-13/16 h x 1-7/8 D
Combustor assembly outer dimensions: 20 W x 3-1/8 H x 2 D

Combustor (without gasket): 6.5 w x 2-5/8 h x 1 d

I am still looking for replacement catalytic combustors.
Check to see if these guys have one!