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  1. M

    Main burner won't light anymore. Before was intermittent and fixed by shaking surround. Thermopile: low volts when switch on, good volts off.

    Hello, I have a natural gas fireplace called the Heat-N-Glo FB-GRANDLP, which is a millivolt system. (I can't find its manual but I found a similar model's (I think) FB-IN and FB-GRAND). It has two control options, a simple on/off switch located on the decorative painted metal surround and a...
  2. torontoguy_83

    Replacement parts for Astria Montecito Estate/Superior WCT6940

    Hi All! Glad to be here, seems like a 'warm' and loving community. I am looking for a replacement thermopile for my Astria Montecito Estate. The official part number is IHP part # J8004, however, I do not need the entire assembly and gauge, only the actual thermopile. I am scared to buy a...
  3. N

    Possible Bad Thermopile on HNG Townsend 1?

    I have a Heat N Glo Townsend 1 gas stove, acquired through purchasing a new home. Don't know the age of the unit. I've been trying to get it working for a few days now. Here is what I have tested so far: 1) Confirmed wiring per the user manual 2) Successful light of the pilot, stays on when...
  4. T

    Mendota DXV45 Delayed Ignition Problem

    I'm new to the Forum, so let me start off by saying "hello" to everyone - this is a great source of advice and am happy to be here. My house was built in 2008 and I chose a Mendota DXV45 in my living room. It's been a so-so performer since new. I'm running propane and the fireplace was...